Frequently asked questions (faq)

Frequently asked questions (faq)


Who is suitable for Treetop Adventure Park?

Treetop Adventure Park is suitable for everyone, who can ride a bicycle and who has the courage to challenge themselves to excercise in a natural environment. Even having a high-level phobia should not stop you trying. If you do not feel OK to climb at higher courses after our introduction, which is held at a very low height (85 cm), we will give you a free ticket which you can give to anyone who might like to come climbing at our park. There are many people, who have won their entry to adventure parks.

Is it slippery when it is raining?

No, it is not slippery. You just need to take water proof jacket with you, if it is raining. If there is +20°C, you don't get cold even it's raining :-)

Is climbing in trees safe?

There are risks involved with all activities, the same is true of climbing in trees. With our safety systems and the right actions taken in the park, we can avoid most possible risks. Treetop Adventure Park Ltd. has followed European standard EN 15567 for adventure parks in the building and running of the park. We will check the condition of the courses (parcours) every day before we open the park. We only use climbing equipment which is designed to this purpose – Edelrid Smart Belay, Saferoller. We will always check the equipment after our client has returned them to our staff. When you follow our safety instructions, you will have a safe adventure at our adventure park. 

What can the other members of the family do while you are climbing?

There is no entrance fee to Treetop Adventure Park. Only those who want to try climbing have to pay for the rental of climbing equipment. Family members can excercise on the ground as well for free! Time passes quickly whilst following climbers, taking photos and videos etc. Children always enjoy staying at our park. There are lots of interesting things to see such as ants, squirrels, death branches, stones etc. We also have garden tables so that you can read books/magazines, drink coffee or have a picnic – time to relax!

Can I use my own climbing equipment?

No, it is not possible to use your own climbing equipment. Treetop Adventure Park is responsible for all of the equipment used at the park. Our equipment must meet high safety standards at all times, and we have to be sure that the equipment used is safe. We check them everytime they are returned we have to know what equipment is being used, and it is our business to rent the equipment. J

What kind of clothes are suitable for climbing in trees? 

"There is not bad weather conditions, only the wrong clothes." We recommend clothes which suit the weather conditions and are water and dirt resistant, and please remember to wear flat-bottom shoes. We also recommend gloves, because our trees and climbing hardware can be dirty and resinous. Do not wear hanging clothes (ex. scarfs), necklaces, high heels or sandals. Long hair needs to be tied up. You should empty the pockets of your jackets and trousers, because things such as mobile phones, keys, wallet etc.) might hurt you underneath the climbing harnesses. You can leave them safely with our ticket sales staff.

What happens if my strength runs out or I do not have enough courage to finish a course (parcour)?

This is one of the four safety rules that you should be aware of before you can start climbing – you can call staff to help you at any time. They will advise you how to solve your problem and if needed, they will climb up to help you. We regularly practice rescue procedures and we can bring you down safely in every possible (or even impossible) situation.

Is Treetop Adventure Park the right place to have a bachelor party?

Yes it is, as long as all the climbers have not consumed any alcohol. You are not allowed to climb under the influence of alcohol. Drinking alcohol is not permitted in any part of the Treetop Adventure Park area ­- even if you are not going to climb, as there may be families with children around. Come to Treetops first, and after that you can persue activities where alcohol is involved if you wish. PLEASE NOTE! We can organise a whole day program for your bachelor party, including manicures, massages, saunas, accommodations, transportations, everything! Just tell us your budget and wishes, and we will take care of everything on your behalf with our business partners. J

How much time should book for our adventure?

We recommend that you book a 2 hour session for your first visit, because climbing in trees can be hard exercise – depending on how fit you are. For your following visits you can just book climbing equipment for 2 hours, 4 hours or more (the whole day if you want). If you have had to leave your mobile phone or watch at the ticket sales office remember that you can always check the time from our staff. It is your responsibity to take care that you are not late. If you are late, we will ask the next customer how much he/she wants you to pay them for using their time.

Can we bring our own picnic to the park?

Yes you can. We have reserved four garden tables with seats for this purpose. While having your picnic you can watch climbers, squirrels and children having a good time in the woods. We are not worried about children – they can always figure out something to do. We are more worried about adults, who are not so creative. 

Please remember to leave your rubbish in the rubbish bins provided. Let’s keep the area tidy. There are recycle facilities for biowaste, paper, metal, glass and clothes at Puhas Ekopiste near Vesikko swimming pool – just 200m from Treetop Adventure Park. Entrepreneurs will take biowaste to their own biowaste bin at their home. Let’s just put normal waste which cannot be recycled in the rubbish bins – nature thanks you for your efforts. J

We have a café at the ticket sales office where you can buy coffee, tea, soft drinks, sweats, ice cream, crisps, souvenirs etc. If something is missing, we will try to organise it for you next visit. J

Can children come alone?

For safety reasons all children under 18-year old should have a safety instruction signed by their parents befor having an adventure at our park. In practice this means, that parents must have read our safety instructions and signed them on behalf of their child. If you are taller than 150cm height, you can come alone. If your height is between 120-150cm, you should come with your parent(s), who have to accompany your climbing at the park. If you are under 120cm, you can climb just in the kids courses on yourown, or with your parents on all parcours. Treetop Adventure Park is the right place for anyone who can ride a bicycle. You can print our safety instructions from here.