Before you arrive

Before you arrive

There is a free entry to Treetop adventure park at the marked paths. When you like to start your own adventure in treetops, you have to rent climbing equipments from us.


  1. Please notice it is not allowed to visit in a toilet and smoking is forbidden with climbing harnesses.

  2. Get familiar with our safety intructions before you book any climbing equipment. Climbing at Treetop is safe, if you have followed our staff’s advice and safety instructions. Firstly you must read, understand, accept and sign safety instructions.
  1. We recommend that you book climbing equipment in advance via our online-booking system. We will have briefings every hour between our opening hours until 2 hours before our closing time (=last entry for a day). You can also book climbing equipment when you come to the park; BUT there is a risk that all of the equipment is already booked and therefore you may have to wait before your adventure can start.
  1. When you arrive to Treetop Adventure Park, go first to the info & kiosk. Please be ready to sign the safety instructions.
  1. At the info we ask you to pay for your adventure. We prefer either bank or credit card. If you have any problems with our payment methods do not hesitate to contact us beforehand. There are a lot of different ways in which you can pay, we are sure that we can find a solution which suits you best. We are always interested to hear your requests for new payment methods (apart from cash of course J).
  1. From the info you will go to our equipment storage. Our staff will then instruct you how to wear a harness and helmet. As soon as you have all equipment on, you must help others to put theirs on too. This should not take more than 10 minutes. Our staff will then check that the equipment is OK. They might ask you to empty your pockets if they think it is necessary for you to do so. You have to wait for our permission before you go any further!
  1. Staff will take you to our training course. As soon as you have heard our safety rules, have shown your competence with the equipment, and you can name the most important safety rules, you are free to start your adventure.
  1. Please start your adventure from the easiest course (parcour) and proceed to more difficult and challenging courses after you have seen how well you did the easiest one. NOTICE! There are certain height limits for our courses (parcours). If you are under 140cm, you must be followed by an adult, or you can climb alone on our children course.
  1. There are wooden platforms in the courses. On each platform there can only be two (2) adults at one time, or one adult and two children. Each element (bridge) can take only one adult at a time. The elements are marked with orange tape. An element which is between these orange tapes. If there are other climbers ahead, you have to wait – or you can pass them wiht Edelrid Smart Belays (have a look video).
  1. When you have finished your adventure, you have to return equipments to our staff. As soon as our staff has checked the equipment in, you can leave from the adventure park. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE ADVENTURE PARK AREA WITH THE SAFETY EQUIPMENT!

If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We have our staff watching at all times while you are climbing. If needed our trained staff will help you in a few minutes. We train regularly to deal with all possible (and also impossible) situations. J